Mountain Adventures and Activities

This is a new category for members and subscribers to enjoy. Members of Mountain Sports Club use the service to plan their travel, visits and activities in the mountains, gateway communities, outdoor and travel destinations throughout North America and the world. Now cyclists, backcountry adventurers, hikers, fishermen and general outdoor enthusiasts can print personalized value vouchers for savings and discounts at businesses and activities, plan and book travel, and shop online and offline retailers throughout North America and beyond.

The Mountain Sports Club is expanding our offerings to include

Adventure travel – Listings TBA

Rafting & Kayaking – First companies now live with discounts and savings for 2023.

Camping – Listings TBA

Zip lines and more as we want to encourage everyone to get out and play and enjoy the mountains. Be active, respect the wonders of nature while opening one’s spirit to more engaged outside.

For inquiries to list your business and/or service you may contact Mountain Sports Club at:

Mountain Sports Club of North America